Live Cocktail Music

Live Cocktail Music

The Royz Band will supply the perfect selection of live cocktail music to make your Florida cocktail party the talk of the town! florida live cocktail music

The Royz Band offers a variety of options  and varieties of Live Cocktail Music. All will perfectly complement the mixing and mingling of your guests.

Perhaps you are planning a cocktail reception as the opening portion of your event as guests arrive.

Or perhaps your entire event is a cocktail party, with hors d’oevres and conversation.

Or maybe you are having a cocktails and dance party!

Whatever style of cocktail party you are planning, The Royz Band has all the right sounds and grooves to create the perfect atmosphere.

Cocktail Music Styles

You can choose from our huge variety of styles of cocktail music. Most cocktail events enjoy having a mix of all styles. Or, you can request one particular feel that best suits your needs.

  • Jazzy Cocktail Music. Put your guests “In the Mood” with an assortment of jazz and swing in an upbeat feel. This choice is perfect if you want an “uptown” kind of feel, with a martini twist.
  • Classical Cocktail Music. A beautiful selection of classical pieces will create a soothing and upscale backdrop to your event.
  • Latin Cocktail Music. Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Rumba, Cha Cha. All played by  world class guitarist Andre Roy.
  • Our Martini Mix Cocktail Music.  Our eclectic mixture of all styles of music, with or without vocals. We can throw in some blues, pop, alternative, along with classical and jazz background music. Our Martini mix of cocktail music will keep your guests surprised and delighted.

Cocktail Reception as part of a Larger Event

You want to create an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation. You also want to instill a sense of anticipation and excitement for the rest of the  evening ahead. live florida cocktail music

The Royz Band will perform a wonderful selection of cocktail style music that will perfectly set the tone for your vision for the entire night.

If the cocktails are served in a lobby or separate area from the main room, the musicians will set up in that area. They will create a wonderful oasis of music that will complement the mood, the venue and your vision for the event.

If the cocktails are being served in the same room as the dinner and dancing then the band can perform the cocktail music from the stage.

Cocktail & Dance Party

For events where there is more of a party element desired The Royz Band versatility will both soothe and elegantly accompany conversation….. and then totally rock the night.

When the guests first arrive we will play background music to encourage conversation.

Then as the atmosphere starts moving into party mode, the band will start to pick up the beat and entice your guests onto the dance floor. florida cocktail party music

With our huge repertoire, we will take the party to whatever limit you want to set.

The Royz Band is an awesome dance & party band, so whatever styles of dance music you and your guests desire, the band will take you there.

Whatever style of cocktail reception you choose, The Royz Band will supply exactly the right music to create the feeling and setting you want.

And, because of our versatility, we will also be ready, willing and able to take the music in an entirely different direction if you, or your guests, are in the mood for the unexpected.