Your Jewish Wedding

Your Jewish WeddingYour special day is a time of joy and of cultural and spiritual traditions that have been passed down through the generations.

Your ceremony might include the following; Kabalat Panim, B'Deken, the Chuppa, Kidusshin, Ketubah, Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings) and the Breaking of the Glass.

The Royz Band can offer the duo of classical guitar and flute performing traditional Jewish and/or Classical music in ceremony area. Musicians will perform a full half hour or more as your guests assemble at the Chuppah, then for the processional(s), any required music during ceremony, and the recessional(s).

The reception or Seudah (Festive Meal) includes benching, horas and the many other festive traditions. You may choose to use one or more hours of our live dinner music for some elegant, beautiful and unique live dinner music for a supper club setting, joyous horas and dancing between courses.

The Royz Band has many years of experience with the particular needs for your ceremony and reception and has the repertoire to fulfill your musical requirements.