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Thank you Andre! You were sensational.

People were very impressed with the music -- I hope many of them took the trouble to tell you so.

My wife's family throws catered parties from time to time, so we will likely approach you at some point for another gig/engagement.

Many thanks!

Private Party held at Zucca Ristorante

Parties & Special Events

The music is always one of the most memorable parts of any event. How many times have you heard someone talking about a party and saying “the band was just amazing”.

The Royz Band performs all styles of music for all types of events. No matter what type of event you are planning we will provide the perfect musical backdrop

The band's musical versatility offers an exciting mix of all styles of music for any event.

Whether you are planning an elegant high society ball, a light and casual get-together, or a wild and crazy party, The Royz Band will perform the perfect musical mix.

Our repertoire includes all the musical hits to appeal to all age groups from college students to Gen-Xers, Boomers, Zoomers and Golden Agers.

  • Classical / Jazz
  • Martini Cocktail Music
  • Swing / Ballroom
  • Oldies 40s, 50s & 60's
  • Retro 70s, 80s &90s
  • Top 40 / Hip Hop
  • Pop / Disco / Dance Mix
  • Calypso / Reggae / Latin
  • Rock / R & B / Blues
  • Country / Folk / Celtic
  • French / Italian /Jewish

    Outstanding live music for all the elements of your event :

The band has performed in almost every type of venue. We will provide the perfect sound and light, volume and band size to fit your space and musical vision:

Yacht Clubs, Golf Clubs, Business Clubs, Hotels, Banquet Halls, Private Homes, on Boats, in Barns, in Fields, on Concert Stages, Poolside, on Ships, at Private Cottages, on the Beach, in Arenas, in Restaurants, at Skydome, in Art Galleries, at Museums, on Private Islands, in Churches and Synagogues, on Patios, at Wineries, at Universities, at Shopping Plazas, in Office Buildings, for Street Parties, on Parade Floats, on Television, in Backyards, in Schools, on Festival Stages, in Pubs, at Resorts, at Town Halls, and countless other locations.

See a listing of some venues we perform at regularly

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