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Heather and Andre,

Well, it's been a month since our wedding and we're still trying to find the words.... I don't know how we can do better than the sentiments already expressed in so many of your testimonials! Where to begin?

Our message to you was that we wanted to give our friends and family a party to remember. From the moment we met, and throughout the planning process you and Andre were warm and engaged and professional. You honoured our special requests, guided us, and made us feel as if our modest 80 guest wedding was the most important event on your agenda. And when the day finally arrived, you turned our wedding celebration into a party of a lifetime that was so absolutely magical - beyond all expectations!

Heather, whether singing or announcing, your voice carried everyone to another place.

The love, and skill, and positive musical energy that you and Andre and John shared with us and our family and friends that night was indescribable. I dont think I left the dance floor for hours!

The music list, the pace - everything was perfect!! I can assure you that Denny and I, and our family and friends, from 25 to 75 years of age, will be talking about our wedding celebration, and you and Andre and John, for a very, very long time. The evening was so full of love, and joy, and dancing that I wish we could do it again!

With Heartfelt and Warmest Regards,

Sue and Denny
Wedding Held at Mimico Cruising Club

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DJ Bongogirl

DJ BongoGirl is included  FREE  in all our packages to provide you with Non-stop music coverage for your entire event. 

This versatile and flexible combination of our live band with free included DJ service offers the absolute best of both worlds in one exciting, cohesive and synergetic package.  

DJ BongoGirl  is a.k.a. the lead vocalist Heather Arden Roy who remains on stage to DJ whenever the band is not performing. She has a huge catalogue of music that she will mix live, on-stage, with the same high energy, fun and approachable style she uses while performing.

She will play music appropriate to the moment - whether for a portion of the cocktails or dinner, for awards presentations or introductions or for the last hour or so of  the dance party. DJ Bongogirl has all the right grooves to complement the band's live performance.

This seamless transition back and forth from live to DJ not only ensures that you will never have any silent or empty spaces but also that  ALL  requests can be covered. Any guest requests that the band does not have in their huge repertoire can be integrated into a DJ set. 

Our basic package with the Live Band / DJ combo can also help keep your costs to a minimum.

You can maximize the Live Performance to the places in your event where it will have the biggest "Wow" factor for your guests and then use the free DJ service at times when  live music may be less necessary and/or DJ service would be preferred.

We will work with your schedule, your vision, and your budget  to create and deliver the most dynamic mix of live show and DJ sets to make your event absolutely unforgettable !

DJ Bongogirl has a huge catalogue of music styles available, including:

  • All DJ Dance Fa vourites
  • Cocktail and Dinner Music
  • Rap
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Techno
  • Ethnic and Cultural Styles (ie: Portuguese, Italian, Arabic & Middle Eastern and many more)
  • Themes & Sound Effects
  • Strict Tempo Ballroom

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