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Hi Heather,

We just wanted to thank you and the band for such a great performance! You guys were amazing. We can't tell you how many guests we had complementing you! You truly "made" the night and we're so glad that we chose you!

My only regret was not being able to enjoy you fully, as we were running around for most of the night, but you rocked! I wish I could have been a guest at my wedding :)

We will always remember the song that started off the night, "Suavemente." We were completely amazed by the great Spanish songs you sang.

I could go on and on, but I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for setting the tone of our wedding.

Thanks so much

Margaret & Rolando
Wedding Held at John Paul Polish Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got questions we'll try to answer them here. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then feel free to contact us.

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1 - How can a live band possibly perform all the styles of music that I want at my event?

2 - How does the DJ Bongogirl/ Live Band combo work?

3 - How can I go see the band if they are performing at a private event?

4 - Shouldn't I just choose a band from a demo CD or website samples?

5 - How long are the band's sets and breaks?

6 - How does band pricing compare to just hiring a DJ?

7 - How do the musicians dress?

8 - Do I need to feed the band?

9 - How does the band control volume? We're worried a band might be too loud for some of our guests.


How can a live band possibly perform all the styles of music I want at my event?

The Royz Band is the most versatile band in Toronto with more than 600 songs in their LIVE repertoire. The band performs all styles live with authenticity and artistry. From Classical to Hip Hop and everything in between.

PLUS, because The Royz Band is the ONLY band in Toronto which also offers a live DJ experience included in our package pricing, we can supply any songs the band does not perform via the DJ system. So you can be guaranteed that any music you require or desire will be provided.

The DJ service can also supply any ethnic or special requests you may have which are not within the band's huge repertoire See more


How does the DJ Bongogirl/ Live Band combo work?

Our basic four-hour live performance package also includes up to three hours of DJ Bongogirl at no additinal cost. You can arrange these hours in any way which best suits your event. The ideal is to place the live music performance at the times it will be most noticed and appreciated, and DJ Bongogirl will cover the rest!

Based on your unique vision for your event, we will help you decide on the best placement of our live performance hours versus DJ hours. Of course, you can always add more live performance if desired. . See more


How can I go see the band if they are performing at a private event?

We are happy to make arrangements for you to view the band at an event similar to your own. This is the best way to see the band in action. We perform several times per week at a variety of venues and events, and can usually make arrangements for potential clients to stop by for a short time to see the band performing.

Of course, every event is unique, and the band always performs the styles of music requested by each individual client. So if you have specific styles you want to view, please let us know so that we can guide you to choosing the best venue to come visit. See more


Shouldn't I just choose a band from a demo CD or website sound samples?

We really, really recommend you take the time to actually see the bands you are considering perform LIVE.

Many bands may have sound samples that sound wonderful because they have been recorded in the studio with vocal effects, over-dubbing, studio musicians, etc. However, it is NOT the same sound they will have live, and usually not even the same musicians who will perform at your event. The equipment used in live performance is completely different from a studio setting, and live performance singing is also a very different talent. Paris Hilton actually made a studio CD that sounds very good! Enough said!

If you cannot visit live performances because you live out of the Toronto area, then you should make sure you request LIVE sound samples from every band you are considering. This will give you a much closer example of how the band will sound live.

The Royz Band samples are all recorded completely from live performances, and these are the exact same musicians and singers who will perform for you. Hear some Samples - Come Hear Us


How long are the band's sets and breaks?

The average Royz Band live set will be about an hour, sometimes longer depending on your arrangement of our live sets versus DJ sets.

We always try to arrange our breaks around speeches and other necessities that take place throughout so the band breaks are "natural" spaces. However, whenver the band does take a break, DJ Bongogirl keeps the music going for seamless, non-stop, musical coverage for your entire event.


How does band pricing compare to just hiring a DJ?

Professional bands will always be more expensive than DJs. Firstly, the sound equipment needs to be a much higher quality in order to "mix" instruments and vocals live on stage, as opposed to DJs who simply need to play already mixed pre-recorded music.

Also, obviously, there is usually only one DJ, compared to however many professional and dedicated musicians are in your band. The Royz Band pricing is often very close to some of the higher end DJs, yet offers so much more. Our pricing is extremely competitive for the following reasons:

  • We own all of our own professional sound and light equipment, rather than renting as most bands (and many DJs) have to do. Renting professional sound and light equipment can be very costly.
  • As a trio we offer a huge sound usually only found in much larger bands. Our trio is comparable to any other five or six piece band, with amazing vocals and virtuoso musicianship. So we need less musicians to create our huge sound, no matter what size of Royz Band format you choose.
  • The band is so highly in demand that we work constantly, and have multiple requests for our services for every date throughout the year. So because we have so much volume and demand, we can afford to offer great pricing.


How do the musicians dress?

The Royz Band always looks fabulous. We have several looks:

- Black Tie - tuxedos and gowns

- Elegant - black suits and timeless designs

- Hip & Funky - latest fashion trends

You will never see the band in casual attire unless you specifically request that look. You will never see The Royz Band in anything corny, sleezy, slinky or goofy.

The Royz Band cares as much about how we look as we do about how we sound. See more


Do I need to feed the band?

In most cases, yes, you will need to feed the band along with your photographers, videographers and other service providers who are spending several hours providing personal services to your party.

The Royz Band musicians will be on-site for an average of 8 to 12 hours for our basic package. Equipment set up will be started 3 hours prior to your guest arrival, and teardown will last for 2 hours after you and your guests leave. So we will need to have food over this long time period.

Most venues will not allow musicians or other suppliers to bring in their own food or order out. You also don't want your service providers to have to leave the premises to eat. So you will want to make arrangements with your caterer to also feed your on-site service providers.

Most venues will simply serve vendors the same meal, but at a lower cost. Some venues offer "supplier meals" or other meal options for your vendors. Since all venues and caterers also need to feed their own on-site staff, they are usually very helpful in guiding you towards the care and feeding of your service providers within your budget.

We are always grateful for whatever you are able to supply that will help us to be comfortable and keep our energy at performance level throughout your event. Don't worry - no diva demands!


How does the band control volume? We're worried a band might be too loud for some of our guests.

We guarantee that our volume will be perfectly suited to the size and style of venue and room, the number of guests, the seating plan, age group, etc.

The Royz Band is always in control of the balance of our sound and volume, whether you have a small intimate group or a huge function. Furthermore, we keep in contact with you and/or your venue staff throughout the performance to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy, and can quickly make adjustments if required.

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